🤩 Increase your scores THIS WEEKEND


Happy Competition Season!

You may be in the thick of it, or just beginning but either way I know you’re short on time so I’m going to give you my number 1 trick to improving your scores this weekend…..


It sounds like common sense but when I was judging this past weekend, telling dancers to smile and perform made me sound like a broken record.

Judges used to be dancers too and believe me, we miss it so we want to see you enjoying yourself on stage!

Performing a lyrical routine about a dead dog? Show me in your face, tell me a story about how heart broken you are.

Think that you can distract me with your skills and tricks? Nope. We see thousands of turns in a weekend, they all start to look the same.

What stands out is how YOU perform.

It will vary from each competition but on our score sheet, technique was 40 points and performance was 30, it’s not that far off.

The dancers who came out and told a story, entertained us and showed how much they LOVED being on stage got a full 30 from me, even if their technique was a little lower.

Dancers who came out with the most gorgeous technique but left their face untouched received a low performance score and thats enough to pull you down even after all the hours in the studio.

It’s such a simple way to maximize your scores so practice in the mirror, feel ok with feeling silly and give 👏 us 👏 a 👏 show 👏!

Ps. If you’e struggling with skills or technique, mark your calendar for March 20th when I launch The Score Sheet Solution. A course for unlocking your strength and increasing scores.

Check out a sample chapter here!

xoxo, Katie

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