Nail Your Dance Audition in 5 Steps!

I hate auditions. With a passion. I get nervous, insecure and afraid of embarrassing myself in front of important people. In fact, I chickened out of auditioning for my international open dance team, lied about why I couldn’t audition and somehow still made it on the...

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5 Reasons Your Dancers Need Off Season Training

When I was dancing in high school, things were different. No social media, no contouring, no Cardi B. We also didn’t have any off season training. Our off season consisted of a few captain’s practices watching kick boxing DVD’s and running on the track. Come audition...

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Eat This, Not That!

The day of competition is one of nerves, excitement, and so. much. hairspray. Throughout the chaos of running your dances, stretching, warming up and doing your makeup, it can be hard to remember to eat. When you do remember, it’s usually something quick, high in...

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