How to Create a Softer Landing

When I think of strength training I usually think of words like power house, beast, strong, powerful, dynamic and rarely think of words like light, airy and delicate. The funny thing though? The more strength your dancer has, the more control they have and the more...

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Perfect Warm Up

I love my Dancer-Fitness community because they care about their dancers SO MUCH and because of that, they shoot me emails all the time with the BEST questions! One of my favorites this month: Can you help us with a warm up program that hits everything and doesn't...

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Essential Tools for Training your Dancers

Have you started incorporating strength training into your classes yet? There are SO MANY benefits like stronger skills, decreased injury, more complex choreography plus team bonding and boosted confidence.   I know it can be overwhelming to find the time, the...

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5 Exercises to Combat Noodle Arms

I know how frustrating it is when your dancer’s arms flail and you’re desperate for long lines, sharp movements and cleanliness. When I was coaching high school dancers I was blue in the face shouting “sharper, cleaner, energy through the fingers!!” But never having...

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About Katie Groven

Hello and welcome! I’m Katie Groven, owner, and creator of, and I’m so happy you decided to learn more about us! READ MORE

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