Better Extension Cheat Sheet

Better extension. Dancers everywhere dream of their legs lifting effortlessly into the air, resting by their ear and being able to hold it there with ease.   To get your dancers there, it's a balance of proper alignment, strength training and strategic...

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3 Exercises for Double and Triple Turns

Are you struggling to get your dancers to turn consistently? Are they falling, dropping heels and prepping incorrectly?   I found that most of my dancers thought a double or triple meant they needed to bring their shoulders as close to their ears and "spin" or do...

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Setting Fitness Goals in the New Year

As we welcome the new year and you're right in the middle of your competition season, I thought it's never too early to start thinking about improvements for next year. Have you been noticing your dancers struggle with certain skills or cleaning routines is taking...

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About Katie Groven

Hello and welcome! I’m Katie Groven, owner, and creator of, and I’m so happy you decided to learn more about us! READ MORE

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