Today we’re talking about turns..


Turns, this beautiful and versatile skill that we’re always trying to get our dancers to perfect. So much comes from technique but if you can give your dancers an advantage with strength training why not?


Below, you’ll find (in my opinion) 3 of the best core exercises for turns. ☺️


I chose them because of how well they mimic the body’s needs during turns which will help translate on the floor.



Figure 8 Legs
Keeps your dancers rib cage down and allows them to practice keeping the torso and hips engaged while the legs are working.
*Do 20 dips and repeat 3 times



Hover Extend
Focuses on balance and stability for the upper body, core and hips by holding the body strong while having to navigate arms moving away from the body.
*Extend each arm and leg 5 times and repeat 3 times.


Core Leg Pulse
Keeps your dancers rib cage down and allows them to practice breathing while also controlling their body and having their arms and legs working in opposite directions.
*Do 5 on each leg and repeat 3 times.

Now that we’ve got core figured out, let’s move on to jumps and leaps! Grab a free copy of 5 Best Exercises to Increase JumpHeight & Power. These are some of my favorite exercises to use with teams so I thought you may like it too!

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