Dancers are Athletes. Train Like One

Hello and welcome! I’m Katie Groven, owner, and creator of, and I’m so happy you decided to learn more about us!

If you stand on chairs and yell “5,6,7,8!” you are my kind of people, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

I’ve combined my 25 years of dancing, 10 years of coaching, and fitness expertise to create a one-stop shop for safe, fun, and practical exercises specifically for dancers.

I’ve been on the floor dancing, at the coach’s table screaming, I’ve scoured over score sheets, cleaned dozens of routines, and because of those experiences, I know at there’s an exercise or training plan for your dancers and their goals.

I was hitting my stride as a dancer when I was 28 years old young- the same year I was becoming a personal trainer and spending more time learning how muscles function and training myself in the gym.

My flexibility increased, my jump height and power surprised myself and my coaches. I was dancing sharper and faster because I understood how to control and manipulate my body. I couldn’t believe that I was dancing the best I ever had at almost 30 years old, and for the first time ever, I had a blueprint to my body – a secret way of reverse engineering all of my skills and goals.

At that moment, I decided that dancers needed to know that simple and intentional strength training would improve their dancing significantly. I also knew that most of their time is spent in class with you, the coach, so I needed to make this information simple and easy to be delivered by coaches and teachers. is full of simple yet effective exercises to help your dancers get stronger, stay injury-free, and score higher.

I know you may not be a fitness guru, so every exercise and training plan comes with videos, written instructions, and modifications so you can feel confident leading your dancers through a strength and conditioning routine. Whether it’s 10 minutes at the top of practice or a whole conditioning class, you can feel good knowing you’re empowering your dancers to train like the athletes they truly are.


The most comprehensive resource for safe and effective strength training for competitive dancers.

Created by World Champion Dancer and Personal Trainer Katie Groven

When you use the hundreds of exercises and skill-specific training plans at

  • Your dancers will become stronger
  • Stronger dancers move with control
  • More control means cleaner skills
  • Cleaner skills lead to better execution
  • Better execution leads to higher scores
  • Higher scores lead to more confidence and more reasons to celebrate!
  • Works for any style of dance and level of dancer

Dancer-Fitness.Com gives you the tools you need to help your dancers improve their:

  • Jumps & Leaps
  • Turns & Kicks
  • Flexibility
  • Extension
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Execution

With skill-specific exercises and training plans for every level of dancer.

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