Behind the scenes of this month’s Dancer-Fitness video shoot!

Come and take a peek behind the curtain of our most recent video shoot!
Every other month I find beautifully talented local dancers to perform dozens of exercises so I can give you new content every single week!
I’m so grateful to these dancers for their strength, power and grace as they experiment with new exercises and help bring my vision to reality.
This month’s dancers are…
Minnesota dancers
(from left to right)
Kaylah from Dance Revue Studio Of Dance
Shaye from The Dance Warehouse
Katelyn from The Dance Warehouse
Paige from the Dance Warehouse
dancer fitness
Whats coming to you this month:
  • Jump Height: advanced wall sit series that can be used for all ages
  • Jump and turn upper body technique: push up and plank variations you’ve never seen
  • Endurance: new exercises for endurance that are low impact
  • Turn Control: with the most innovative core exercises!
Thanks for taking a peek behind the scenes. Maybe you’re nosy like me and have to always know what’s next before everyone else. If that’s the case jump into my dancer-fitness community  to be the first to know about new content, exclusive offers and so much more.

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