January 20, 2022
As 2022 has only just begun, your competition season may be wrapping up. Perhaps you’re about to begin a new season with your dancers or you’re in your off-season.   No matter where you’re at in your season, I want to walk you through the steps that lead your team to success. Start implementing my […]
December 30, 2021
Ideally, when your dancers are jumping, they take off with power.    They hit a full split at the top, both legs are even, and the legs powerfully snap down with control.   Sometimes, though, your dancers do more of a… puddle jump. You know, what I mean. They travel while they’re jumping, preventing themselves […]
December 16, 2021
Hey coach!   Are you frustrated that no matter how many practices and cues you give your dancers, their skills just seem to plateau?   Do you cue your dancers to “pull up or “get down in your plié” but see no change week to week?   Can you tell your dancers are getting tired […]
December 02, 2021
Whether you’re a coach or a dancer, I’m sure you’ve been frustrated by the inconsistencies of your pirouettes.    You can nail a single or double. But when you go for the third or fourth rotation — everything falls apart.    We’ve all been there.    But there’s hope!    And the end of this […]
November 11, 2021
I’ve worked with dancers during boot camps and at conventions. It seems like many young dancers suffer an injury before they even turn eighteen.   The most common injuries with dancers I’ve coached have been… you guessed it – ankle injuries. (Yikes!)   So that means, as a dance coach, you need to give your […]
October 28, 2021
Hey Coach!   I know when you’re short on time, your class warm-up usually gets cut short.    And don’t even get me started on the amount of coaches I know, who skip stretching and strength training altogether. (Can you tell that’s a pet peeve?)   Your practice and class time are very precious, especially […]
October 14, 2021
Ever feel like you’re trying to do everything you can to help your dancers improve their splits, turns, or jumps and it just isn’t working?   You know how important stretching is for flexibility. But it’s also helpful in reducing the risk of injury, increasing mobility, and improving the overall performance of your dancers.   […]
September 23, 2021
It can be frustrating when you start working with a brand new team. Some are more flexible, stable, or have a stronger core while others have stronger legs. I get it. You’re working with various levels of dancers within the same group. But you’re just not sure how to challenge some dancers while not asking […]
September 07, 2021
A question you may have (because I get it a lot) is “How often should we switch up our training?”   I get it, your dancers tend to get bored and they think that every exercise should be Instagram worthy, super complicated lots of equipment and something that looks impressive.   👉🏻The truth is, the most […]
August 05, 2021
I know taking time away from choreography, cleaning and technique can be scary and adding strength training to your class seems overwhelming – especially if you’re not a self proclaimed fitness expert. 🗣️ But hear me now: it’s not too late to see the benefits of strength training and even the way they highlight and […]
July 22, 2021
Alright, now that you’re excited to add strength training into your classes you may be wondering when you need strength training and where in class it’s supposed to go.   Before stretching? After you warm up? The end of class?   There are TWO places I recommend and each has it’s own specific reason.   Option 1 […]
June 24, 2021
Isn’t it frustrating when your dancers’ technique looks great in practice but when they get on the floor, even more specifically near the end of the routine, things get sloppy, toes stop pointing and you’re not even sure what team you’re looking at?    I understand, I’ve been there and I have a plan you can […]
June 03, 2021
What do you think sloppy skills and timing issues have in common? Yes, they’re both the reason you need a Venti coffee at practice. However, they’re also issues our dancers run into because they’re lacking core strength.   When your dancers have a weak core they struggle to:   Move quickly and sharply Move their […]
May 20, 2021
Have you had auditions yet? If not, I have the perfect warm up check list that’s going to help your dancers execute the audition skills with more control and increase their flexibility for kicks, leaps and extension. If you’ve already had auditions, these exercises will make the perfect addition to any practice you have coming […]
May 05, 2021
I don’t know which is worse….the way a bent supporting leg looks or how much it negatively impacts your dancer’s skills.   With dropping heels, bent knees and weak glutes it’s impossible to keep a straight line, explode off the floor or move with control.   If you’ve ever given your dancers the cue to “pull […]
April 15, 2021
Have you been asked by your dancers how they can loosen their hips or for the best flexibility exercises?     If so, you may have thought back to some of your favorite exercises for more flexible hips and focused on all of the classic hits like butterfly, lunging and straddle.   What you may […]
April 01, 2021
I wanted you to be the first to know that we have a new video up on our YouTube channel and I know you’re going to love it.   I took some of the most common issues with a la seconde turns:   – Bent working leg – Getting a full rotation each time – […]
March 18, 2021
Can you imagine how much time you’d save cleaning routines if your dancer’s skills were consistent? I remember as a coach being overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount of times we needed to redo a skill or make it easier because we couldn’t get the whole team to look the same.   One run through, […]
March 04, 2021
What does it take to get a perfect score for placement and control? Most judges are looking for execution of skills, hitting movement fully and watching your dancer’s body move with control and your team move as one. Most of the time, dancers struggle to score well on placement and control because they lack strength […]
February 18, 2021
Ankle injuries are not normal and do not “come with the territory” of dancing. I was recently teaching a strength and injury prevention class and when I asked how many dancers had been injured before, I was SHOCKED that almost every dancer had been injured and I was even more shocked to find out that […]
January 14, 2021
Are your dancers struggling to keep their working leg in à la seconde turns:   – Straight? – Turned out ? – At the same level the whole time?   Not an easy job to do while rotating.   For your dancer’s to be able to lift their working leg développé a la seconde and […]
December 17, 2020
Keep your dancers fit and training safely whether they’re at home in a pandemic or a holiday break.   Below are 4 exercises that will work and strengthen your dancer’s core, glutes, ankles and hips.    I chose these areas of focus because when they are trained properly you’ll see a decrease in injuries and […]
November 27, 2020
I was recently was emailed by a Dancer-Fitness member wondering the best exercises for her super determined dancers who want to stretch before bed. I was so impressed that her dancers were taking the initiative and I thought you may also have some ambition dancers who you want to support! Since stretching before bed can […]
November 12, 2020
If you’d like to save time cleaning your skills and working on technique to improving your dance turns, I recommend incorporating strength training in your class with a specific focus on the skills that need the most work.   I hear from my dancer fitness community that turn consistency is a big goal – not only staying […]
October 29, 2020
Do your dancers have time before bed and the goal of flatter splits? Share this plan with them, tag them directly in the Instagram post or use this plan in tonight’s class! ??Swipe to see all of the exercises in action!     View this post on Instagram   ? Full Splits ♥️ Hold each stretch […]
October 15, 2020
It’s the worst right? Your season is starting, everyone is healthy and young (don’t we all feel younger at the beginning of our season?) your dancers are throwing their kicks, things are snappy, things are sharp and before you know it, things are not ok.     With most dancers, there’s typically two ways they […]
October 01, 2020
Having strong dancers who dance with confidence is a goal I’ve heard multiple times from my dancer-fitness community as well as the reason why many have become members. I’m thrilled that so many recognize strength training as a step toward this goal but it’s also very clear to me that creating and implementing a strength […]
September 17, 2020
Are you getting frustrated with your dancers and their bent knees? Whether it’s in their turns or extensions, bent knees are an eye sore and just telling a dancer to elongate their legs isn’t enough.   I know it seems like a simple fix, but you have to give them a break since most dancers […]
September 03, 2020
Has this crossed your mind yet? You’ve made conditioning a staple in your class or you’re a member of Dancer-Fitness.Com so you’re using the pre-made training plans and now you’re wondering…. If I’m training my dancers multiple times a week, should I be focusing on skill specific exercises or just strength training and endurance? The answer, […]
August 20, 2020
I was recently asked if there’s an issue with doing the same dynamic warm up every single day. My answer? Not at all! Especially if the warm up hits the whole body. A dynamic warm up is a series of exercises that warms up the body and mimics the movements you’re going to expect from your […]
August 06, 2020
You know why I love Target so much? It’s a one-stop shop. I can buy things for the house, for myself, the girls, groceries and even feed my caffeine addiction with a stop at their Starbucks. It’s fantastic. Let me do for you, what Target has done for me! Let this email be your one-stop shop […]
July 15, 2020
People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. – Zig Ziglar As you’re coming back to your new “normal”, you may notice your dancer’s motivation is lacking. Maybe competitions have been cancelled or they’re virtual. Perhaps your dancers haven’t been participating in your Zoom classes […]
July 02, 2020
Hey Hey! I’m going to keep this short because if you’re like me, you’re reading this while sipping some coffee or waiting in line for one and you don’t have all day! I’m on week three of virtual bootcamps / conditioning classes and I’m working with a number of teams with all different goals, ability levels […]
June 18, 2020
I don’t know about you, but when I was coaching my dancers were always telling me they had “shin splints” but few were diagnosed by a doctor. According to WebMD, “The cause is stress on your shinbone and the connective tissues that attach muscles to your bones. They get inflamed and painful. This common problem […]
June 04, 2020
It’s clear you’ve done all you can to keep your dancers moving during the pandemic and despite your hours on Zoom doing classes,  your dancers were most likely confined to their bedrooms or living rooms without the ability to be dancing full out. While I’m sure you and your dancers are excited to push hard in […]
May 21, 2020
If you’re playing around with the idea of adding strength training and conditioning into your off season, have you given any thought to what that should look like or how to keep your dancers accountable for their own progress?   Your dancer’s off season is a crucial time to build muscle, recover from the demands […]
May 07, 2020
Today we’re talking about turns..   Turns, this beautiful and versatile skill that we’re always trying to get our dancers to perfect. So much comes from technique but if you can give your dancers an advantage with strength training why not?   Below, you’ll find (in my opinion) 3 of the best core exercises for turns. […]
April 23, 2020
40 Days and 40 Nights or something like that….I’ve lost count but I know we’ve all been stuck at home for a long time and the dance community has come together to provide resource after resource to keep our dancers dancing.  My goal is to have your dancers return to the studio (soon I hope!) with […]
March 26, 2020
I don’t mean to be dramatic but if you’re skipping strength and conditioning with your young dancers (10 and younger) you could be making a big mistake!   There is a lot of conflicting research out there about the pros and cons of strength training young dancers but training them with body weight in the […]
March 11, 2020
Have you been on the fence about a fitness resource and routine for your dancer and wondering about a few things? I get so many dance educators emailing me or popping into my messages asking really great questions about and I thought if they’re wondering, you may be too!   Here are some of the […]
February 27, 2020
Whether you’re just ending your season or it’s just beginning, I’m sure your dancers are coming to you with issues and injuries of all varying degrees of severity. Sometimes they’re just sore and sometimes there could be something even more serious happening.   Here are three things you can recommend to your dancers to help […]
February 13, 2020
You’ve been asking so here’s my answer to….“How can I increase my dancer’s endurance?!”   I’m hearing that by the end of your routines, dancers are sloppy, tired and judges aren’t sure what’s a choreographed drop or simply a fall. When it comes to endurance there are two different aspects to consider.   1. Muscle […]
January 30, 2020
Better extension. Dancers everywhere dream of their legs lifting effortlessly into the air, resting by their ear and being able to hold it there with ease.   To get your dancers there, it’s a balance of proper alignment, strength training and strategic stretching.   Below you’ll find your 4 step cheat sheet to better extension […]
January 16, 2020
Are you struggling to get your dancers to turn consistently? Are they falling, dropping heels and prepping incorrectly?   I found that most of my dancers thought a double or triple meant they needed to bring their shoulders as close to their ears and “spin” or do turns as fast as possible. Only to find […]
January 02, 2020
As we welcome the new year and you’re right in the middle of your competition season, I thought it’s never too early to start thinking about improvements for next year. Have you been noticing your dancers struggle with certain skills or cleaning routines is taking forever? Do you want to have more advanced choreography but […]
December 19, 2019
If you’re playing around with the idea of adding strength training into your classes but feeling overwhelmed with making time for it, I want to share that you’re not alone. The number one question I get asked about strength training dancers is… “We don’t have a lot of time, which exercises should I prioritize?”I totally […]
December 10, 2019
As you dive deeper into your competition season and things get more competitive, it’s even more important to make time for strength training in your classes. Still not convinced? The benefits are numerous it only takes up 20% of your class! The other 80% can be cleaning routines, reblocking formations, motivational speeches and answering over and over […]
December 05, 2019
Jumps and leaps are staples for dancers of all ability levels and it’s important that they have the tools to execute these skills with safety and ease.   When I was coaching and dancing I was tired of the same old cues:   “Get low in that plié” “Lift the back leg” “Lift from behind” […]
November 22, 2019
What level are your exercises? All levels!! You can search for beginner, intermediate or advanced on the top of the exercise page along with specific muscle groups. In the descriptions of each exercise, there may be a + to make it harder, or – to make it easier. Do you offer multiple login options? Right […]
November 21, 2019
Raise your hand if you have a dancer desperate for a full split leap (or even over split) in the air? I’m hoping your hand shot right up! It’s googled over and over again and there are whole Youtube channels dedicated to getting dancers in a full split when they take off from the floor. If […]
November 14, 2019
Dancers need strength training in their classes to support the demands of long rehearsals, varying styles of dance and dancer’s personal desire to push themselves past their limits. Dancers are a unique type of athlete, they perform movements that take them in the air, to the floor and display an incredible amount of strength and […]
October 24, 2019
From a recent survey I did on social media, upper body is still a concern for many dance educators; specifically kick hook ups and stronger arms in turns.   I wanted to give you a quick arm circuit that works the essential muscles like shoulders, back, bicep and triceps to help your dancers hold their […]
October 17, 2019
I posted a video of one of my clients warming up her turns with a bosu ball and It got a lot of attention on the gram so I wanted to dive into it a little deeper.   I’ve always been a believer that if you can do it on a bosu ball, you can do […]
October 03, 2019
Hi! Can I share something personal?   I was 8 years old standing in first position at the barre when I saw it. My legs. My butt.   Why were they so much bigger than everyone else’s legs? Why did my butt stick out and why did my skin hang over my skirt?   That moment […]
September 26, 2019
When I think of strength training I usually think of words like power house, beast, strong, powerful, dynamic and rarely think of words like light, airy and delicate. The funny thing though? The more strength your dancer has, the more control they have and the more control they have, the lighter they can land on their feet, they transition […]
September 19, 2019
I love my Dancer-Fitness community because they care about their dancers SO MUCH and because of that, they shoot me emails all the time with the BEST questions! One of my favorites this month: Can you help us with a warm up program that hits everything and doesn’t take a really long time (if that exists)? […]
September 12, 2019
Have you started incorporating strength training into your classes yet? There are SO MANY benefits like stronger skills, decreased injury, more complex choreography plus team bonding and boosted confidence.   I know it can be overwhelming to find the time, the right exercises and the perfect equipment to create an effective fitness routine in the […]
September 05, 2019
I know how frustrating it is when your dancer’s arms flail and you’re desperate for long lines, sharp movements and cleanliness. When I was coaching high school dancers I was blue in the face shouting “sharper, cleaner, energy through the fingers!!” But never having actual tools to help them engage the correct muscles. Unless your […]
August 29, 2019
I get asked all the time, “I only have 60 minutes for my technique class, how am I supposed to fit in conditioning too?” My answer? You have to warm up your skills right? So you might as well warm them up with strength training. All of the exercises I’ve provided on are specifically […]
August 22, 2019
Come and take a peek behind the curtain of our most recent video shoot! Every other month I find beautifully talented local dancers to perform dozens of exercises so I can give you new content every single week! I’m so grateful to these dancers for their strength, power and grace as they experiment with new […]
August 15, 2019
Are you curious about taking your dancers through a training program in practice but nervous about form, meeting everyone’s needs and doing enough of the right type of exercises? Fear not, I’m going to run you through a few basic tips and steps so you can train your dancers effectively and with confidence. . Step […]
July 19, 2019
In the world of fitness most core exercises are created equal. If you’ve hung out with me enough you know that dancers are a special type of athlete which means their fitness needs should be carefully crafted for their goals of strength, fluidity, endurance, power and grace. Core exercises are a staple in most warm […]
July 08, 2019
If I had a dollar for every message or email I get about hips, I’d have an even more obnoxious collection of Converse than I already do.  These days hips seem to be acting up, rebelling against us and asserting their need to stay locked, turned in and tight, tight, tight. No worries though! I have […]
May 24, 2019
I hate auditions. With a passion. I get nervous, insecure and afraid of embarrassing myself in front of important people. In fact, I chickened out of auditioning for my international open dance team, lied about why I couldn’t audition and somehow still made it on the team. I’m pretty sure I sent in a video, which […]
May 18, 2019
When I was dancing in high school, things were different. No social media, no contouring, no Cardi B. We also didn’t have any off season training. Our off season consisted of a few captain’s practices watching kick boxing DVD’s and running on the track. Come audition time and no one was stronger or more fit […]
May 18, 2019
A day or weekend of competition is mentally and physically exhausting for dancers, but they can prepare their body days, weeks and even months before competition to improve their strength, balance, performance, endurance, recovery and injury prevention. Healthy Eating for Athletes and Dancers Dancers are athletes and their training begins months before they step on the […]
May 18, 2019
Flexibility is a fundamental skill for dancers and athletes. The ability to move your body freely will make the execution of skills and exercise much easier. Many dancers struggle with flexibility in their hamstrings and hips, but what they don’t know is that tightness in their hamstrings is directly related to a tight back and tight […]
May 18, 2019
You probably have a stretching routine that you’ve been doing for months or even years. Usually the routine starts standing, folding over your legs for a hamstring stretch, spending some time in a runners lunge, and of course a straddle stretch that slides right into the splits. From studios to dance teams, stretching usually looks […]
May 18, 2019
I get asked a lot as a personal trainer for dancers about hip flexibility and strength. It seems to be an area of concern for coaches and dancers striving for flat splits, high kicks and extended leaps. The biggest issue however isn’t really a lack of flexibility, but a lack of movement in our every […]
May 18, 2019
So many dancers and teachers focus on core strength when it comes to turns, balance and stability, but not much attention is paid to the ankles until dancers start pointe or have an injury. Increasing ankle strength is essential when a dancer keeps dropping their heel, hopping in their turns or have a low relevé. The health of […]
May 17, 2019
The day of competition is one of nerves, excitement, and so. much. hairspray. Throughout the chaos of running your dances, stretching, warming up and doing your makeup, it can be hard to remember to eat. When you do remember, it’s usually something quick, high in carbs and high in sugar. When you take the time […]
April 25, 2019
As athletes, dancers have the ability to focus their strength and power in many different ways. Being aware of which muscles will be best for a variety of skills will help build strength and level of skill, beyond just technique. To increase jump height and power, dancers must activate their gluteus muscles, or butt muscles, […]