Stop Falling Out of Your Turns

Whether you're a coach or a dancer, I'm sure you’ve been frustrated by the inconsistencies of your pirouettes.    You can nail a single or double. But when you go for the third or fourth rotation — everything falls apart.    We’ve all been there.    But...

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Keep Your Dancers Fit at Home

Keep your dancers fit and training safely whether they're at home in a pandemic or a holiday break.   Below are 4 exercises that will work and strengthen your dancer's core, glutes, ankles and hips.    I chose these areas of focus because when they are...

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Your Cheat Sheet for Consistent Turns

You know why I love Target so much? It's a one-stop shop. I can buy things for the house, for myself, the girls, groceries and even feed my caffeine addiction with a stop at their Starbucks. It's fantastic. Let me do for you, what Target has done for me! Let this...

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3 Best Exercises for Turns

Today we're talking about turns..   Turns, this beautiful and versatile skill that we're always trying to get our dancers to perfect. So much comes from technique but if you can give your dancers an advantage with strength training why not?   Below, you'll...

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3 Exercises for Double and Triple Turns

Are you struggling to get your dancers to turn consistently? Are they falling, dropping heels and prepping incorrectly?   I found that most of my dancers thought a double or triple meant they needed to bring their shoulders as close to their ears and "spin" or do...

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