Get that extra POP in your jumps and leaps!

Ideally, when your dancers are jumping, they take off with power. They hit a full split at the top, both legs are even, and the legs powerfully snap down with control. Sometimes, though, your dancers do more of a... puddle jump. You know, what I mean. They travel...

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The Biggest Secret to More Flexible Hips

Have you been asked by your dancers how they can loosen their hips or for the best flexibility exercises?     If so, you may have thought back to some of your favorite exercises for more flexible hips and focused on all of the classic hits like butterfly,...

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How To: Have Your Dancers Stretch Before Bed

I was recently was emailed by a Dancer-Fitness member wondering the best exercises for her super determined dancers who want to stretch before bed. I was so impressed that her dancers were taking the initiative and I thought you may also have some ambition dancers who...

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About Katie Groven

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