At Home Workout: Flatter Splits

Do your dancers have time before bed and the goal of flatter splits? Share this plan with them, tag them directly in the Instagram post or use this plan in tonight's class! ??Swipe to see all of the exercises in action!     View this post on Instagram  ...

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How to Undo the Negative Effects of your Season

Whether you're just ending your season or it's just beginning, I'm sure your dancers are coming to you with issues and injuries of all varying degrees of severity. Sometimes they're just sore and sometimes there could be something even more serious happening.  ...

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Better Extension Cheat Sheet

Better extension. Dancers everywhere dream of their legs lifting effortlessly into the air, resting by their ear and being able to hold it there with ease.   To get your dancers there, it's a balance of proper alignment, strength training and strategic...

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