How to Create a Softer Landing

When I think of strength training I usually think of words like power house, beast, strong, powerful, dynamic and rarely think of words like light, airy and delicate. The funny thing though? The more strength your dancer has, the more control they have and the more...

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5 Reasons Your Dancers Need Off Season Training

When I was dancing in high school, things were different. No social media, no contouring, no Cardi B. We also didn’t have any off season training. Our off season consisted of a few captain’s practices watching kick boxing DVD’s and running on the track. Come audition...

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5 Best Exercises to Increase Jump Height/Power

As athletes, dancers have the ability to focus their strength and power in many different ways. Being aware of which muscles will be best for a variety of skills will help build strength and level of skill, beyond just technique. To increase jump height and power,...

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