How to: Bridge The Level Gap on Your Team!

As we wrap up the summer and head into our new season of dance, you might be faced with a brand new team filled with varying levels of dancers. Whether you lost a bunch of seniors or you have a huge incoming freshman class, it's important that you take the time to...

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How Often Should Dancers Stretch to See Results?

Dancers who are excited to improve their skills and reach their splits often ask me:  How often should I be stretching?  While this varies for everyone, dancers can stretch daily. Stretching for a minimum of three days a week is recommended by the American College of...

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4 Signs you Need Strength Training in your Classes

I know taking time away from choreography, cleaning and technique can be scary and adding strength training to your class seems overwhelming - especially if you're not a self proclaimed fitness expert. 🗣️ But hear me now: it's not too late to see the benefits of...

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5-8 Minutes to More Consistent Turns

If you’d like to save time cleaning your skills and working on technique to improving your dance turns, I recommend incorporating strength training in your class with a specific focus on the skills that need the most work.   I hear from my dancer fitness...

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Create Strong and Confident Dancers

Having strong dancers who dance with confidence is a goal I've heard multiple times from my dancer-fitness community as well as the reason why many have become members. I'm thrilled that so many recognize strength training as a step toward this goal...

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