Still Turning on your Heel?

You're not alone if you keep hopping, dropping and turning on your heels. Sometimes it's the ONLY thing keeping a dancer from going to a triple from a double or finishing a complete set of opens.   Over 500 people just like you saved this REEL and for good reason...

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3 Exercises For A Quick And Effective Dance Warm-Up

Hey Coach!   I know when you're short on time, your class warm-up usually gets cut short.    And don't even get me started on the amount of coaches I know, who skip stretching and strength training altogether. (Can you tell that’s a pet peeve?)   Your...

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Fixing the Sloppy Technique Problem

Isn't it frustrating when your dancers' technique looks great in practice but when they get on the floor, even more specifically near the end of the routine, things get sloppy, toes stop pointing and you're not even sure what team you're looking at?    I...

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