The Perfect Audition Warm Up

Have you had auditions yet? If not, I have the perfect warm up check list that's going to help your dancers execute the audition skills with more control and increase their flexibility for kicks, leaps and extension. If you've already had auditions, these exercises...

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The Biggest Secret to More Flexible Hips

Have you been asked by your dancers how they can loosen their hips or for the best flexibility exercises?     If so, you may have thought back to some of your favorite exercises for more flexible hips and focused on all of the classic hits like butterfly,...

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The Biggest Secret to Skill Consistency

Can you imagine how much time you'd save cleaning routines if your dancer's skills were consistent? I remember as a coach being overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount of times we needed to redo a skill or make it easier because we couldn't get the whole team to...

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Ankle Strengthening Exercises

Ankle injuries are not normal and do not "come with the territory" of dancing. I was recently teaching a strength and injury prevention class and when I asked how many dancers had been injured before, I was SHOCKED that almost every dancer had been injured and I was...

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At Home Workout: Flatter Splits

Do your dancers have time before bed and the goal of flatter splits? Share this plan with them, tag them directly in the Instagram post or use this plan in tonight's class! ??Swipe to see all of the exercises in action!     View this post on Instagram  ...

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How to Solve the Bent Knee Problem

Are you getting frustrated with your dancers and their bent knees? Whether it's in their turns or extensions, bent knees are an eye sore and just telling a dancer to elongate their legs isn't enough.   I know it seems like a simple fix, but you have to give them...

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Dynamic Daily Warm Up

I was recently asked if there's an issue with doing the same dynamic warm up every single day. My answer? Not at all! Especially if the warm up hits the whole body. A dynamic warm up is a series of exercises that warms up the body and mimics the movements you're going...

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