Essential Tools for Training your Dancers


Have you started incorporating strength training into your classes yet? There are SO MANY benefits like stronger skills, decreased injury, more complex choreography plus team bonding and boosted confidence.


I know it can be overwhelming to find the time, the right exercises and the perfect equipment to create an effective fitness routine in the dance room, but I want to share some of my favorite tools to make this easier for you.

Remember though, you can be your team’s fitness expert without any equipment at all!


For inspiration, be sure to check out our huge exercise library for exercises with little to no equipment for dancers of all ages and ability levels.


My Favorite Tools For Training Dancers:

Athletic Bands

  • When working with teams I buy them in bulk from amazon (link above)
  • Cut them into 2.5 foot strips and tie the ends together
  • One they’re in a hoop shape, we use them for lower body, upper body and even core work. (Click to see some of my favorite exercises)
  • Ankle strength, core strength, control and balance are just some benefits of using these.
  • I usually bring 4 to every class, and when we do circuits I leave these at a station for dancers to challenge their balance.
  • These are also a cheaper option than getting a bosu ball for each dancer.

Athletic Sliders Or Paper towels


  • A roll of paper towels is perfect if you’re training your team on a budget
  • The sliders help with stability and opens up more variety and difficulty for exercises like planks and lunges.


Other Tools to Consider:
  • A stop watch for timing group circuits in your class. I recommend 40 seconds of an exercise and resting for 20.
  • A white board to write down the exercises of the day so your dancers can follow along.
  • A variety of training plans you can print off or watch on any device to help your dancers improve multiple skills without getting bored.

Not to worry if these tools aren’t in the budget! Use the timer on your phone or watch, jot down exercises on paper and pick 10 exercises from the exercise library, some with partners, to get an effective workout without any equipment at all.


Grab your free Training Plan Trifecta (Consistent Turns, Higher Jumps and More Endurance) here:

Feel free to print these off and use them in your next class with all of the tools you just learned about! Remember, the bigger exercises need less repetitions and the smaller ones that only work one muscle at a time can endure many more repetitions.Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions! Introducing strength training to your dancers is so important and I want you to feel confident about your ability to lead them.

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