Do you teach mini dancers or do you have one at home?

I don’t mean to be dramatic but if you’re skipping strength and conditioning with your young dancers (10 and younger) you could be making a big mistake!

💕 Offering strength training to young dancers is a fantastic way to help them become more familiar with THEIR bodies and set them up for success later!

👉🏻 This will give them more control over their movements and empower them to feel like an athlete which is a lesson they’ll hold on to for a lifetime

To get them started start simple with 3 SAFE exercises for your mini dancers to try… 👇🏻

✨ Inch Worms

✨ Duck Walks

✨ Plank (add a high five for partner fun!)

REMEMBER 💥 Always be sure to give hands-on help when you see low backs swaying and offer modifications like removing the jump from an exercise or dropping the knees with your mini dancers!


Check out these fun exercises below:

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