Is it natural talent or hard work that helps you become successful? 🤔

Though natural talent can have a role in how successful you are, this is your reminder that it also takes a lot of hard work! 💪⁠

👉 As dancers, knowing the importance of consistent practice and hard work, along with your natural abilities, will be the key to maximizing your potential and reaching your goals!⁠

So, if you put in the work off-stage, you will see the results on stage! 🤩⁠

As a coach holding auditions I was always more willing to take on dancers who needed to improve their technique but they came to me with a great attitude and a growth mindset over naturally talented dancers who seemed unmotivated and lazy.

So if you’re stuck in the comparison game and doubt your abilities, remember that putting in the work and believing in yourself could make all the difference and let you slide right past the dancers who choose to coast.

What are your thoughts on this?

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