Fitness Basics For Your Dancers Under 10

I don’t mean to be dramatic but if you’re skipping strength and conditioning with your young dancers (10 and younger) you could be making a big mistake!


There is a lot of conflicting research out there about the pros and cons of strength training young dancers but training them with body weight in the studio is perfectly safe and no, their growth will not be stunted.


Offering strength training to your young dancers is a fantastic way to help them become more familiar with their body, which will give them more control in their movements and of course empower them to feel like an athlete which is a lesson they’ll hold on to for a long time.


Think about simple movements they can do like wall sits, crab walks, wall push ups, inch worms and cartwheels, but don’t underestimate them. I’ve seen better plank and push up form from 7 year olds than 18 year old dancers.


Always be sure to give hands on help with you see low backs swaying and offer modifications like removing the jump from an exercise or dropping the knees.


Check out some of my favorites below! (You can also click on the images to add them to a plan, or see step-by-step instructions!)


Wall Sit

exercises for young dancers

Calf Raise Arm Circles

stretching exercises for young ballet dancers

Glute Circles

maintaining turnout in ballet exercise for young dancers

Partner Squat High Five

group exercises for dancers

Hip Bridge

hip strengthening exercises

Modified Push Up

exercises for dancers under 10

Leg Swings

turnout exercises for young dancers

Plank Variations

core building exercises for young dancers

Wide To Narrow Squat Jump

quad stretching exercises


Want to offer even more helpful cues and be your team’s fitness expert? Grab this free guide to being your team’s fitness expert and try the easy to incorporate tips Today!

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