Getting Comfortable being Uncomfortable – Increase Flexibility


I had the honor of being a guest on my friend Dr. Chelsea’s Podcast – The Passion for Dance Podcast


We discussed the partnership between pushing yourself mentally and physically to reach your goals, but also being mindful of challenging yourself safely.


More specifically we discussed this in regard to improving flexibility and mobility, two goals I hear from numerous dancers.


Here’s what the episode is all about:


“Do your dancers have the growth mindset it takes to really push themselves to improve? In today’s episode, I’ll be talking with the one and only Katie Groven of about all things mental and physical flexibility for dancers. Katie was one of the first guests on the show way back in episode ten, and we both believe in challenging our dancers to be the best they can be while giving them the tools they need to achieve it.


In this conversation, Katie and I talk about the idea of getting comfortable being uncomfortable, because if you want to see growth, both in your physical skills and in your mental toughness, you have to learn to push your own boundaries. We also share theories for why dancers might cheat and roll out of dance warm-up stretches and what you can do about it, and stick around for the end where we share advice for how to challenge your dancers, both mentally and physically, so they learn to dig deep and really put in the work for themselves.”



If you have a car ride, or messy house to tackle, give this episode a listen and learn some of my best tips for getting closer to your goals.

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