Hearing “Point Your Feet” on Repeat?


Struggling to keep your toes pointed? This is for you! ⬇️

You need to work on strengthening the feet, but don’t forget about the ankles, calf and quad muscles too!

It’s hard to keep track of everything you must do when on stage and keeping your toes pointed can be forgotten at times in the midst of the bright lights and busy music!

Here are 3 tips that I always give my dancers during training to help with this…

🔥 Work on strengthening the feet, ankles, calves and quads

🔥 Use a band to help you in exercises

🔥 Keep a tennis ball or frozen water bottle handy to help with recovery

✨Strengthening these areas will take away the major stress of “remembering” and letting it just come naturally!

Use these exercises to help you get started…⬇️

✨ Calf Raise on a Yoga Block

✨ Leg Extensions

✨ Rocking Points

Ready to keep those toes pointed? Save these exercises to try later! 📲


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