Here are some Tips to get you En Pointe!


I’ve gotten DOZENS of messages from dancers, teachers and parents asking me how they can strengthen their body and get prepared for the coveted moment they can put on their first pair of pointe shoes.


I however am not the expert on this, so I called on my friend and colleague Nina Geromel PT, DPT, ATC (@thepointedoc on instagram) to help me answer some important questions like 


  • How can we ensure dancer’s are starting their pointe journey at the right time?
  • What testing and assessments are best to prepare to get on pointe?
  • What muscles need the most strengthening to to prepare for our pointe shoes?

Dr. Ninas mission is to help pre-pointe dancers start strong, stay injury free and enjoy the process of getting on pointe.


We had a fantastic chat and I’d love to share it with you.


Click here to watch my conversation with Dr. Nina and be sure to take notes!



PS. You can learn more about Dr. Nina Here!

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