Hips Feeling Tight? 3 Exercises to help!


Are your hips feeling tight? ⬇️

✨As dancers and in everyday life our hips are always being asked to work. Walking, kicking, lifting your leg, and more…

😍 They’re always being used, so it’s time to give them a little love⁣!

Start with these 3 exercises to open up your hips ⬇️⁣

👉🏻  Half frog Stretch (30 seconds each side)

👉🏻  Lateral lunges (30 seconds each side)

👉🏻  Banded March (30 seconds each side)

ALSO REMEMBER, tightness in the hips could be a result of weakness or overuse because other big muscles aren’t doing their part⁣!

✨ So, remember to strengthen the core and glutes before working on strengthening your hips!⁣✨


Katie Groven

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