Are you a dancer or instructor trying to level up and reach your full potential, or help your dancers improve each year?

If so, I’ve got a class for you!

I’m so excited to be partnering with Rhee Gold for a 4 part course called The Well Rounded Dancer

I’ll be sharing simple and effective tips, exercises and combinations for some of the most common challenges that dancers and instructors face at every level. If you or your dancers struggle to apply corrections, have reoccurring injuries, lack flexibility, or lack motivation to train, then this 4 part course provides valuable tools to meet those challenges and develop a truly well-rounded dancer.


April 4, 11, 18 and 25 at 11:00 AM EST


Over Zoom!

How much:


Session 1: Corrections Uncovered

This session is your cheat sheet for connecting exercises to common corrections like, “hips under”, “stop hopping,” “straighten your legs” and more!

Session 2: Strength Training for Injury Prevention

Incorporate the exercises in this session to improve the strength of major muscle groups like the core and glutes to help prevent injuries in the ankles, knees, back and hips.

Session 3: Flexibility Secrets

This session gives you the tools and exercises to increase flexibility and mobility to balance out your dancers’ skills and get them into all of their bendy skills.

Session 4: Getting Fit Without Knowing IT

You’ll leave with a variety of games, challenges and ways to Incorporate strength training into your classes without your dancers knowing they’re working out.

Join us live or watch on demand, whatever works for your schedule.

Excited to see you there!

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