Having strong dancers who dance with confidence is a goal I’ve heard multiple times from my dancer-fitness community as well as the reason why many have become dancer-fitness.com members.
I’m thrilled that so many recognize strength training as a step toward this goal but it’s also very clear to me that creating and implementing a strength training routine for your dancers can be overwhelming.

In fact I was recently asked if becoming a member on the website would come with a weekly training schedule to follow, so I know you’re looking for resources, tips and answers.

I’ve compiled the most helpful blogs you can read quickly to help you feel more confident leading conditioning warm ups or full workouts in class.

3 Reasons Dancers Need Strength Training in Class

How to use a Fitness Resource for your Dance Classes

How to fit Strength Training in your Dance Classes

Everything you need for an 8 Minute Dance Team Workout

Tips for Being your Dance Teams Fitness Expert

Need even more?

Dancer-Fitness members are also a part of a private Facebook page so you have me (owner and creator Katie Groven) as a resource to answer any more specific questions about training whole teams, individual dancers or for reaching a specific goal. That weekly training schedule I was asked about, we can create one together in the group!

If you want to take the guess work out of training your dancers, consider joining the dancer-fitness community with a $1 trial membership! Join today and by your next practice you’ll have dozens of skill specific training plans for every level of dancer and their goals.


Curious about getting more help around creating your strongest dancers yet? Jump into the dancer-fitness community  to be the first to know about new content, exclusive offers and so much more.

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