How To: Have Your Dancers Stretch Before Bed


I was recently was emailed by a Dancer-Fitness member wondering the best exercises for her super determined dancers who want to stretch before bed.

I was so impressed that her dancers were taking the initiative and I thought you may also have some ambition dancers who you want to support!

Since stretching before bed can have numerous benefits including increased flexibility and faster recovery, I wanted to give you a full training plan (typically only given to members) that you could share right away.

You can also use this stretching training plan in class – It’s fantastic for all levels.

Remind your dancers:

  • If they can warm themselves up in a shower or bath or even walking the stairs a few times before they stretch, that would be ideal.

Feel free to screen shot and print the training plan or forward it on to your dancers.

Reach out with any questions! Enjoy!

Interested in more free training plans? This one would be the perfect fit for a whole week of classes!

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