How to Increase Your Dancers Endurance

You’ve been asking so here’s my answer to….“How can I increase my dancer’s endurance?!”


I’m hearing that by the end of your routines, dancers are sloppy, tired and judges aren’t sure what’s a choreographed drop or simply a fall. When it comes to endurance there are two different aspects to consider.


1. Muscle Endurance

2. Cardiovascular Endurance


The one we’re going to focus on is muscle endurance which is the muscles ability to perform continuously without getting tired.


This is where strength training becomes important because the way your muscles develop this endurance, is having to contract over and over again for an extended period of time. This is much different than simply running laps around your practice space or even running your routine over and over again.


So how do you do this? With Circuit training!


Circuit training is done by choosing a variety of exercises like planking, squats, walking lunges and burpees, doing each for 40 seconds, resting for 20 seconds and repeating 2 to 3 times. Your dancer’s can do this in a circle or in the center of the room. You only need to devote 8 – 12 minutes to this type of training 3 days a week to see a significant increase in your dancer’s endurance.


I recommend choosing some of your favorite dancer specific exercises  writing them out on a whiteboard, grabbing a timer and trying your own circuit before you stretch.

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