How to Reach Your Flexibility Potential


Are you trying to get more flexible but feeling stuck?

Maybe you’ve been stuck in your splits for months or your hips always feel “tight?”

My number one tip for reaching your FULL flexibility potential….


Dynamic stretching can:

– improve your flexibility
– Improve your mobility
– Decrease injuries
– Help you master your skills faster

An added bonus when you stretch dynamically is that you can improve your leg extension and kick height too!

Consider this…We stretch in our straddle because we want a toe touch or side leap that SNAPS up with hips rotated. Then WHY are we just sitting In our straddle instead of creating some resistance and strength for our explosive skills?

Stretch in a way that mimics your skills and watch them improve SO much faster while unlocking your flexibility potential.

Follow along with this free video: Flexibility Favorites

As I walk you through some of my favorite ways to increase flexibility and mobility safely.


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