Are you getting frustrated with your dancers and their bent knees? Whether it’s in their turns or extensions, bent knees are an eye sore and just telling a dancer to elongate their legs isn’t enough.


I know it seems like a simple fix, but you have to give them a break since most dancers aren’t aware of which muscles help straighten the knees and HOW to engage them.


Incorporate these three exercises in your warm up (or have them done at home) to start making the change right away.



1️⃣Release the muscles behind the knee (Popliteus) by placing the foot on a yoga block, slightly turned out, back leg parallel, and reach. Hold for 30 seconds.


bent knee exercises


2️⃣Engage the tear drop shaped muscles above the knee called the VMO. Lay on your back, turn out the extended leg and SCOOP the heel while lifting to the other knee. Repeat 15 times each leg.


dance knees bent


3️⃣Engage the quads by turning out the leg, flexing the heel and lifting just a few inches. Repeat 15 times each leg.


quad strengthening exercises



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