Hey Dance Instructors and Dancers! Are you wishing to:

  • Dance Cleaner?
  • Dance Sharper?
  • Jump Higher?
  • Master New Skills?
  • Have GORGEOUS Technique?
  • Dance Longer With Fewer Injuries?

At dancer-fitness.com we have an exercise for that! Pull up premade exercises and training plans at home or in class. Download and print your own training plan creations and collection of exercises for whatever season or style you’re in.

Watch this short video to get a sneak peek at some members-only content:

What’s included in a
dancer-fitness.com membership?

Coaches! Streamline your class planning with hundreds of dancer specific exercises you can download, print or pull up in class. New exercises and training plans added weekly.

Dancers! Reach goals faster with fun and effective exercises for turns, jumps, leaps, flexibility and more!

Filter through exercises and training plans for any level : beginner through advanced Goals: endurance, strength, flexibility, balance Desired skills: turns, leaps, kicks, acro tricks

All Membership Levels:

  • Access to our member only BAND PAGE.
  • On Demand Workouts
  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Member only discounts on courses, classes and exercise equipment

      For Annual Members:

      • Unlimited 1-on 1 zoom calls with Katie Groven; owner, personal trainer and world champion dancer to discuss goals and received customized training recommendations.
      • Up to 2 Routine Analysis done each year.

      BONUS 30 Day training calendar. Hand crafted to remove the guess work from getting stronger and cleaner skills.

      Our membership is for you if you are a dance instructor who:

      • Is tired of telling your dancers to stay in relevé, explode off the floor and to pointe their feet
      • Wants to FINALLY see the same level of energy and cleanliness from beginning to end of their routines.
      • Wants to increase scores at competitions.
      • Wants to spend less time class planning and cleaning routines
      • Has a team of varying levels and you need to bridge the level gap
      • Has a team of dancers who look strong in practice but sloppy on stage

      Our membership is for you if you are a dancer who:

      • Wants to increase your strength and endurance
      • Wants to hit your skills consistently
      • Wants to hold your leg above 90 degrees without gripping
      • Wants to improve your turn out and flexibility
      • Wants to understand WHICH muscles lead to cleaner turns, better extension and high leaps and HOW to make them stronger



      Can’t I just use Google and Pinterest?

      Dancers are a very specific type of athlete, and they should be trained as such.

      I’ve been a dancer, and I’ve been a coach. I’ve learned that dancers need a specific type of training that will complement their goals on the floor like:

      • Power
      • Mobility / flexibility
      • Strength
      • Body awareness and coordination/control
      • Core strength
      • Working both sides of the body to create balance

      With dancer-fitness.com, you’ll save time planning your classes and feel confident that the exercises you’ve chosen for your dancers will be effective and safe.


      Select the pricing option that works best for you.

      Once you create your membership, check your email and spam for your log-in information. Once you log in, explore our exercise and training plan library, or start creating your own plans today!

      Please Email katie@dancer-fitness.com if you need any assistance.



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