Complete training plan videos for turns, leaps, endurance, core, ankles, balance & so much more! Filter through training plans for your Dancer’s

  • Level: Beginner through Advanced
  • Goals: Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Balance
  • Desired Skills: Turns, Leaps, Kicks, Acro Tricks

Members can download, print, or pull up training plans in class or easily make your own for specific dancers.

Each plan is easily modified, takes less than 15 minutes, and is easy to execute for any style or dance level.

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Stop Sitting in Your Turns

Have you heard this or gotten this correction before? Maybe you’re bending your supporting knee or leaning backwards when you turn? Usually this means you’re sinking In your low back and sitting your booty backwards causing you to “sit” in your...

Core Burn Out

Give your core a burn by performing 16 of each exercise.  Figure 8 Abs Plank Extend and Tuck Plank Shoulder Press Plank Around the World

Acro Power

When you’re warming up for acro, the legs, core and back are essential for power. Perform each exercise for 8 -10 repetitions 2 -3 times. Each time you repeat, add a thicker band. Banded Back and Shoulder Drill Push Up Knee Tap Banded Shoulder Press Two leg V –...

Core Warm Up

Perform each for 20 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds after both are done Perform each for 30 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds after both are done Perform each for 40 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds after both are done Knee Tuck Up Down Plank One Leg V...

Exercises for Finishing Your Movements

This training plan is focused on building strength in the upper body for finishing movements as well as pom motions and improved posture. Chest Press Modified Push Up Bent Over Row Banded Pull Apart Partner Over Under Hundreds Banded Pull Apart (with jumping jack)...

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