Complete training plan videos for turns, leaps, endurance, core, ankles, balance & so much more! Filter through training plans for your Dancer’s

  • Level: Beginner through Advanced
  • Goals: Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Balance
  • Desired Skills: Turns, Leaps, Kicks, Acro Tricks

Members can download, print, or pull up training plans in class or easily make your own for specific dancers.

Each plan is easily modified, takes less than 15 minutes, and is easy to execute for any style or dance level.

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Cardio Burst

Increase your cardiovascular and muscle endurance with this hard hitting workout. Perform each exercise for 30 – 40 seconds, rest for 20 and repeat 3 times. Fast Feet  Adductor and Core Hop Banded Jumping Jack Mountain Climber Jump...

Front and Back Leg Height in Jumps and Leaps

Perform these exercises as a circuit, doing each exercise for 30 seconds and resting for 30 seconds. Then, repeat with a thicker band and increase time to 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest.   Standing Hip March Hip Bridge Advanced Two Leg V Up with Yoga...

Get your Leg Above 90!

For all the dancers who CAN lift their leg above 90 degrees BUT can’t keep it there without a hand. Advanced Clam Shell Straight Leg Lift Seated Hip Strength Drill 2 Seated Hip Strength Drill 1

Glute Alternatives

When dancer’s are injured and can’t squat OR you’re trying to spice up your training, bring it to the floor and power up the glutes. Perform each exercise for 40 seconds, rest for 20 and repeat twice. Clam Shell One Leg Hip Bridge Banded Bridge Step Out Glute...

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