Complete training plan videos for turns, leaps, endurance, core, ankles, balance & so much more! Filter through training plans for your Dancer’s

  • Level: Beginner through Advanced
  • Goals: Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Balance
  • Desired Skills: Turns, Leaps, Kicks, Acro Tricks

Members can download, print, or pull up training plans in class or easily make your own for specific dancers.

Each plan is easily modified, takes less than 15 minutes, and is easy to execute for any style or dance level.

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Lower Body with Bands

No bands? No problem, these exercises can all be done without bands too. After the dynamic warm up, do each exercise in a circuit and repeat twice. After completing the first 3 exercises, take a 1 – 2 minute break and finish the last three exercises.   Dynamic...

Improved Hamstring Flexibility

Cat Cow (10) Bird Dog (20 total) Half Pigeon (hold for 30 seconds) Hip Flexor Stretch (hold for 30 seconds) Hamstring Curls (8-12, each side) Hamstring Stretch Advanced (hold for 30 seconds) Repeat 2 times.

Full Team Warm Up

Do exercise 1 across the floor. 10 reps of exercise 2, 3 & 4 on each side. Do exercise 5, 10 times. Banded Monster Walks Lunge Knee Tuck Outer Hip Lifts Banded Bridge Step Out Banded Shuffle Squat Repeat...

Full Body Blast

Do each exercise for 40 seconds, Rest for 20 seconds, Repeat 2 -3 times. Hip Bridge Superman Lat Pulldown Elevated Leg Pulse Hamstring Curl Banded Shoulder Press

Across the Floor Warm Up

Do two of these exercises across the floor. One exercise going down and the 2nd exercise coming back. This plan is a selection of many options, simply pick 2 that you like and switch it up each practice.  Lunge Burpee Walking Airplane Reverse Lunge Bear Walks Lateral...

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