Team Work

Complete training plan videos for turns, leaps, endurance, core, ankles, balance & so much more! Filter through training plans for your Dancer’s

  • Level: Beginner through Advanced
  • Goals: Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Balance
  • Desired Skills: Turns, Leaps, Kicks, Acro Tricks

Members can download, print, or pull up training plans in class or easily make your own for specific dancers.

Each plan is easily modified, takes less than 15 minutes, and is easy to execute for any style or dance level.

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Mini Friendly Workout

For all the teachers with unlimited patience who are working with the tiny dancers. Walking Airplane Warm Up (across the floor) Balance Challenge 1 (5-10) Adductor Drill (10) Releve Ball Squeeze (10) Squat High Five (10) Plank High Five...

Partner Workout

Welcome the new year! Enjoy some giggles with these fun partner exercises!  Each Partner does each exercise for 40 seconds, then switch!   Partner Leg Throw Partner Reverse Crunch Advanced Split Squat Partner Super Man Partner Squat Hip Thrust Partner Wall Sit...

Full Team Warm Up

Do exercise 1 across the floor. 10 reps of exercise 2, 3 & 4 on each side. Do exercise 5, 10 times. Banded Monster Walks Lunge Knee Tuck Outer Hip Lifts Banded Bridge Step Out Banded Shuffle Squat Repeat...

Lifts and Tricks Warm Up

Lunge Burpee (across the floor) Glute Circles (10, each side) Hip Bridge Advanced (10-15, each side) Plank Shoulder Press (10, each side) Tuck Plank (20) Plank Squat Row (20) Repeat 2-3 times.

Sharper Arms

If you’re looking for exercises to help your dancers connect with their arms to make their movements cleaner and sharper, this plan will help. Pro Tip: For sharper movements make sure their shoulders are down and their back muscles are engaged. This plan will help...

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