5 Minute Dynamic Warm Up (Turn Focus)
CATEGORY: Balance, Strength, Warm Up
LEVEL: Beginner

Spend the first moments of class with intentional movement chosen to benefit the skills you need to improve most. This week, the focus is turns.

  • Do exercise one across the floor.
  • Once you get to the end of the room, do exercise number two, 12 times.
  • Do exercise one back the other way and when you get to that end of the room do exercise three, 5 on each side.
  • Once this is completed, move on to your normal stretching routine.
  1. Lunge Burpee
  2. Frog Knee Abs
  3. Plank extend tuck
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Try adding some exercises to your plan.
Lunge Burpee
LEVEL: Beginner
CATEGORY: Balance, Endurance, Power, Strength, Warm Up
Frog Knee Abs
LEVEL: Advanced
CATEGORY: Power, Strength, Warm Up
Plank Extend and Tuck
LEVEL: Intermediate
CATEGORY: Strength, Warm Up