Catherine Week 3.23
CATEGORY: Power, Strength
LEVEL: Advanced

Warmup: Jumping jacks, high knees, jog in place

Set 1: Repeat 3x
1) Calf raise w/ arm circles – hold 5lbs. 10 calf raises
2) Turn Technique Drill – heavy band – 10 each leg
3) Hamstring lift – 8 lb weights on hips – 10x
4) Shiva Squat – 10 each leg

Set 2: Repeat 3x
1) Chest Flys – 8lbs. 10x
2) Chest press – 8lbs. 10x
3) Pull overs and skull crusher – 8lbs. 10x

Set 3: Repeat 3x
1) Pilates Leg Circles – 10 moves each
a. kicks forward
b. kicks back
c. small circles forward
d. small circles back
e. big circles forward
f. big circles back
g. bicycle forward
h. bicycle back
I. tap, tap and lift
2) Abductor lift – 20 each leg
3) Plank leg lifts – heavy band around calves – 10 each leg

CORE: 30 weighted sit-ups

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Calf Raise Arm Circles
LEVEL: Beginner
CATEGORY: Balance, Warm Up
Adductor Lift
LEVEL: Intermediate
CATEGORY: Strength
Plank Leg Lifts
LEVEL: Beginner
CATEGORY: Balance, Strength, Warm Up
Hamstring Lift
LEVEL: Beginner
CATEGORY: Power, Strength
Turn Technique Drill
LEVEL: Beginner
CATEGORY: Balance, Warm Up
Shiva Squat
LEVEL: Intermediate
CATEGORY: Strength, Warm Up