Softer Landings/Rolling Through Feet

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  • Level: Beginner through Advanced
  • Goals: Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Balance
  • Desired Skills: Turns, Leaps, Kicks, Acro Tricks

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Softer Landings/Rolling Through Feet

CATEGORY: Power, Warm Up
LEVEL: Intermediate

It’s never too early or too late to teach your dancers how to roll through their feet. It protects their feet, ankles ,knees and hips which they’ll thank you for in their thirties. The best part for you as a teacher? They can land their jumps and skills with grace and control.

Do each exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 20. Repeat 3 times total.

If doing individually follow the repetitions below.

  1. 12 each side, 3 times through
  2. 10 each side, 3 times through
  3. 10-12 total, 3 times through
  4.  10 total, 3 times through
  5. 20 total, 3 times through
  6. 5 total, 3 times through
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