Pre-Performance Conditioning Cheat Sheet


As you dive deeper into your competition season and things get more competitive, it’s even more important to make time for strength training in your classes. Still not convinced? The benefits are numerous

it only takes up 20% of your class! The other 80% can be cleaning routines, reblocking formations, motivational speeches and answering over and over again, “Wait, how should our hair be when we arrive?”

If you are incorporating conditioning the night before a performance, here is your cheat sheet to make sure your dancers aren’t burned out but they’re still primed for the next day.

When doing these exercises, your dancers should be pushing themselves at about 70% and feel like they can do more at their performance.

  • Exercise 1: Do this exercise across the floor and then stretch normally.
  • Exercises 2 -6 –> Do 20 repetitions on each side
  • Exercises 7 – 10–> 10 each side or 10 each partner
  • Do all exercises one time through

✨ Free Training Plan: Advanced Partner Circuit!

Partner exercises promote body awareness, team bonding and of course, strength.

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