People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. – Zig Ziglar

As you’re coming back to your new “normal”, you may notice your dancer’s motivation is lacking. Maybe competitions have been cancelled or they’re virtual. Perhaps your dancers haven’t been participating in your Zoom classes and the passion is gone.

This pandemic has been a trying time for everyone, but especially our dancers who have had their very fragile world turned upside down. As they come back to the studio unsure of your expectations, help them find their motivation with a few easy steps.

1. Create a skill or fitness competition:

✓ Many dancers are motivated by putting themselves up against other dancers. Why work so hard to perfect your routine if not to show it off and be rewarded for your hard work?

✓ Create a competition within your team for number of push ups, lunges plank, most turns. Have everyone write down their starting number, implement strength training at each class or continue to work on skills and technique.

✓ Each week measure your dancer’s increase in each area and celebrate a winner at the end of the month!

✓ If you’re not training as a team, come up with a form of accountability to help your dancers stay on track. Whether it’s sending you a video, a picture of their tracking form or something else! Set up little challenges every few weeks to see how strong they’re getting.

2. Create new goals and make a plan:

✓ Whether it’s for the team as a whole or an individual dancer, take a look at what went well last season and where judges or you felt improvement was needed.
✓ Make goals specific and measurable. For example, “more consistent turns” isn’t something you can measure but “completing a triple without hopping” is something you can actually measure and decide yes it happened or no it didn’t.
✓ Create a Plan by deciding what type of training will be important for this goal. Upper body, lower body, flexibility or endurance? Schedule this training into classes or on their own time.
 ✓ Track Progress and Accountability in a similar why you’d track for the challenges above
3.Remembering WHY they started:✓ Without a regular competition season and an unknown future, it can be hard for your dancers to feel motivated to improve. Help them remember why they started dancing in the first place.✓ Spend a few minutes chatting as a team about the way it feels to walk on the floor, walk off the floor, celebrate a big win, simply ask the question “WHY?” do you dance?

✓ Journaling or writing their answers on sticky notes to hang on the mirror can be a way to connect with their answers.

✓ During this confusing time, take moments to connect with your dancers on a deeper level. Let your dancers know you’re here for support, a listening ear and help them practice patience and grace as they navigate their new world.

Feel like you need inspiration right now? Grab this free Conditioning Cheat sheet to start empowering your dancers to train like athletes today!

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