As we welcome the new year and you’re right in the middle of your competition season, I thought it’s never too early to start thinking about improvements for next year.
Have you been noticing your dancers struggle with certain skills or cleaning routines is taking forever? Do you want to have more advanced choreography but your dancers can’t quite keep up?
Beyond the obvious benefits of strength training, like increased endurance and decreased injuries, strength training can take talented technical dancers and make them into athletic powerhouses. Think about the dancers who look beautiful when they dance but you just wish they had a little more power and oomph behind their movements.
There’s an exercise for that.
I encourage you to start listing out your dancer wish list and taking the time to explore the filters at dancer-fitness.com to find the exercises that will work best for you and your dancers.
fitness goals for the new year

Use this helpful handout to organize your thoughts and ideas. If you’re still not sure how to fit conditioning into your class, take a peak at this simple way to structure class!

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