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I created this nutrition guide because competition this year looks very different and if you have these same concerns – this guide will be a great resource for you and your dancers. Use this guide to prepare your dancers for the demands of an all day competition with multiple routines.

❗️ “With the block scheduling they are having to do this year due to Covid all of the dances will be crammed into a matter of a few hours.”

❗️ “Some of our dancers have 8 or 9 dances and this is going to be very hard on them”

❗️”We want to give them a tool to help them be as prepared for competition days as possible”

❗️”Some of our girls have 5+ dances and our competitions this year will be run in a block format, so every dance on one day. ”

❗️”We noticed that kids with 5 or more dances were just WIPED and could barely finish the rest of their routines at 100%”

❗️”They are used to having solos/duets on a different day at competitions, and group routines spread out more when other studios are there. ”

✅ What’s Included in Your Nutrition Guide (7 page PDF Download)

  • What to eat pre competition (the week before and the night before) and post competition.
  • The focus. is on the TYPES of foods to be eating to best fuel your dancer’s bodies. I do not discuss calories, weight loss or changing their body composition in any way.
  • A sample day of eating for competition including snack and meal ideas for all meals throughout the day

✅ An outline of the day laying out goals for:

  1. How often to eat – and what combination of foods is best
  2. How much water to drink
  3. When and how to rest between routines

✅ Also included:

  • recommendations for breathing breaks/coping mechanisms while exercising in masks
  • Smoothie recipes
  • Snack list of foods that stay in bags
  • Snack list of foods that need to stay cold
  • Healthy water enhancers

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