Rebuild Your Skills a 6 Week Mini Course For Dancers

Rebuild Your Skills a 6 Week Mini Course For Dancers


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Hey Dancer! This course is for you if you want to improve your skill consistency and technique.

Join me for the next 6 weeks as we deconstruct the way you perform your skills, break down common struggles with your skills and rebuild your skills with  a short, hard hitting and effective workout you can easily replicate.

What’s Included in the Course:

  • 6 Weekly – 25 Minute workouts with Katie Groven over zoom.
  • Workouts begin Monday April 11, 2022 , 3:45PM Central
  • Can’t make it live on Mondays? All videos are recorded for you to come back to.
  • Each weekly workout is put into a PDF you can keep.
  • Each full workout plan includes images and instructions and modifications for each exercise.
  • A private BAND page where I’ll be posting the recorded workouts, the workout plans and answering questions.

What’s Included in the Workouts:

  • Dynamic warm up and stretch to increase flexibility and mobility
  • A core and glute strengthening series
  • A full body, skill specific circuit with modifications for all levels
  • A special skill focused cool down
  • Throughout the entire workout you’ll be learning WHAT muscles you’re strengthening WHICH skill it improves and HOW you can make sure you’re doing it correctly to improve those skills.

You’ll have all the knowledge and workouts to get you closer to:

  • Stronger supporting legs
  • Straighter legs
  • More turn rotations
  • Higher jumps
  • Stronger kicks
  • Better turn out
  • More consistency in your skills
  • Stop hopping in your turns
  • Stronger arms for lifts, tricks and turn timing

Once you register check your email and spam for a PDF with information to get into our private BAND page, workout dates and the ZOOM link to join our workouts.




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