RECORDING: Confidence in Turns and Leaps

RECORDING: Confidence in Turns and Leaps




  • Where teachers get the ultimate guide to improving your student’s turns and jumps.
  • Dive into various training tools such as warm-ups, strengthening, and conditioning for key targets on the body to gain stability, strength and power.
  • Move beyond outdated crunches and relevés to cutting edge yet simple, useful movements you can implement right away.
  • Working from the feet up to the shoulders, you’ll be able to understand exactly how your dancer’s muscles impact their skills and more importantly, how to train and control them to trouble shoot your dancer’s most common issues like imbalances in one side to another, low relevé, lack of power, jump height and flexibility.

Class Length: 30 minutes

Class Style: Lecture and movement

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✓ The full class recording

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