Recording: Getting Fit Without Knowing It

Recording: Getting Fit Without Knowing It




⚡️Are you a dance instructor looking for fun and creative ways to incorporate strength training without your young dancers KNOWING you’re working on strength?

⚡️Are you looking for new and innovative ways to improve skills and strength during the summer besides burpees and running laps?

If so, this class is for you!

Please join me (Katie Groven – personal trainer, world champion dancer and owner of For a class that will change the way you look at training your dancers of all levels.

▴You’ll leave this zoom call with….

✔️A variety of games, challenges and ways to Incorporate strength training into your classes without your dancers knowing they’re working out

✔️Suitable for mini dancers and summer intensives for all levels

✔️Each game and challenge is made up of simple and effective exercises to increase your dancer’s strength, endurance and skill consistency

✔️You’ll leave with a curriculum you can use right away with enough variety to use over again

✔️ You’ll feel confident that you can safely and effectively train your dancers of all levels and ages

Class Length: 54 Minutes

Class Style: Lecture and movement

Once you purchase check your email where you’ll find:

✓ PDF with link to video

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