RECORDING: Planning 30 Days of Workouts

RECORDING: Planning 30 Days of Workouts




⚡️Are you a dance instructor who wants to help your dancers get stronger but you’re overwhelmed with coming up with SAFE and EFFECTIVE workouts to improve their skills and endurance?

⚡️Are you a dancer who wants to get stronger and improve your skills and flexibility but you’re not sure if your google searched exercises will work?

If so, this class is for you!

Please join me (Katie Groven – personal trainer, world champion dancer and owner of For a class that will save you hours of time and directly impact dancer strength, safety and skill consistency.

▪️ You’ll leave with 30 days of circuit style workouts for any level of dancer.

▪️Learn which exercises you need to improve skills, technique, endurance and flexibility.

▪️Learn how to modify exercises for any level and to keep your dancers motivated and challenged.

▪️Understand how to adapt workouts for 5 minutes up to 60 minutes.

▪️You’ll know how to structure your class conditioning to be safe, effective and specific for your goals.

▪️You’ll leave with confidence that you can safely and effectively train your dancers of all levels and ages

▪️You’ll receive my proven method for creating effective training plans and how to make them last 60 to even 90 days!

▪️ Fill out a custom training plan template LIVE, save, and use over and over again!

Class Length: 60 minutes

Class Style: Lecture

Once you purchase check your email where you’ll find a PDF with:

✓ Link to video

✓Training plan template to save and follow along with

Questions or issues? Send me an email


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