RECORDING: Training Your Tiny Dancers




When you start conditioning your young dancers you’ll see an improvement in their body awareness and control. They may still giggle a lot in class and get easily distracted (right?) but with more control you can offer them more complicated choreography and skills!

Beyond strong and more confident dancers – you’ll empower your minis to feel like the athletes they are!

You’ll leave this class with a variety of exercises you can use right away and with your dancers as young as 6!

We’ll also cover:

✓How to teach each exercise with modifications.

✓How to make time for conditioning in your classes and how to implement this training to

benefit your dancer’s technique

✓Tips for keeping your young dancers safe while training.

Class Length: 45 minutes

Class Style: Lecture

Once you purchase check your email where you’ll find:

✓ PDF with Link to access the video

✓ PDF of the powerpoint

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