You’re not alone if you keep hopping, dropping and turning on your heels.

Sometimes it’s the ONLY thing keeping a dancer from going to a triple from a double or finishing a complete set of opens.


Over 500 people just like you saved this REEL and for good reason – it covers three of my “go to” exercises to do before turning to :


👉🏻 Strengthen the ankles

👉🏻 Strengthen the glutes

👉🏻 Strengthen the supporting leg



I’m curious if you ever considered the glutes, quads and adductors as major players in keeping your heels up?


When I was dancing we did 100 relevés and 100 crunches before our turns but NEVER addressed all the muscles keeping our legs straight and hips in alignment to make it EASIER to stay lifted.


The exercises I recommend in the reel can all be found at dancer-fitness on the exercise page so take a minute to look up:


✨Reverse Lunge

✨Narrow Squat Pulse

✨Knee Drive


Do these three exercises for 40 seconds 3 times through before your next turn set to really get those muscles engaged and respond right back to this email to let me know how it goes.

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