Stop Wondering How Often to Switch Up Your Training

A question you may have (because I get it a lot) is “How often should we switch up our training?”


I get it, your dancers tend to get bored and they think that every exercise should be Instagram worthy, super complicated lots of equipment and something that looks impressive.


👉🏻The truth is, the most effective exercises for your dancers don’t have a lot of frills
👉🏻 They aren’t complicated
👉🏼 They are simple, focus on engagement, and are best when done week to week.


I recommend your dancers repeat a handful of the same exercises every week so they can master them safely. The most simple exercises done correctly are more beneficial than the complicated ones.


However, you can add variations to your simple exercises like planking, squatting and push-ups by adding a jump, removing an arm or a leg, and making any exercise into circuits.


Here’s the plan:


✔️Create 1- 2 training plans you can use for an entire WEEK of practice.
✔️ Each training plan should have 6 – 8 exercises
✔️ Each DAY alternate the plans
✔️Each DAY add more repetitions to each exercise or if you’re doing a circuit, add time to the circuit
✔️ Each WEEK pick 2 – 4 exercises from the previous week that were a challenge and ADD them to your next training plan.
✔️ Ensure that each training plan includes some version of a squat, a plank, a push up and a one leg exercise like a deadlift.A simple scroll through the extensive exercise library at will have everything you need including videos, instructions and modifications for each exercise.


Start with one day a week and work your way up to 3 – 5 days of strength training each week.


I’m really excited to hear the positive changes you see when you start to add strength training to your classes.


It’s not too late – you have the tools, now make it happen!


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