Has this crossed your mind yet?

You’ve made conditioning a staple in your class or you’re a member of Dancer-Fitness.Com so you’re using the pre-made training plans and now you’re wondering….

If I’m training my dancers multiple times a week, should I be focusing on skill specific exercises or just strength training and endurance?

The answer, it depends!

Geez, thanks for that Katie.

Let me explain.

In general, conditioning with your dancers at least 3 times a week with the goal of increased strength is what I’d recommend (see how to do that here) and if you want to have your bases covered- do full body exercises each time.

When can you get more specific?

1. If you notice your dancers are struggling with their jumps, turns or kicks I recommend finding skill specific exercises and tacking them on to your conditioning routine.

2. If you’re teaching a turn technique class, be sure your dynamic warm up includes exercises specific to turns. 

3. If you are working on your Kick or Pom routine, incorporate these exercises for sharper movements.

For example create a circuit that looks like this:

Exercise 1 -4 Full body

Exercise 5-7 Skill specific

1. Push Up

2. Tricep Dip Tap

3. Split lunge jump

4. Plank squat




How can you find the exercises you need? Simply use the filtering tool at Dancer-Fitness.Com and search for the skill you’re trying to work.

strength training tips

For the days you’re feeling less than creative, Dancer Fitness members  can print off pre-made training plans or pull them up in class on any device!

3 strength training tips

Feel like you need inspiration right now? Grab this free Conditioning Cheat sheet to start empowering your dancers to train like athletes today!

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