The Biggest Secret to More Flexible Hips

Have you been asked by your dancers how they can loosen their hips or for the best flexibility exercises?



If so, you may have thought back to some of your favorite exercises for more flexible hips and focused on all of the classic hits like butterfly, lunging and straddle.


What you may not know though, is that some of the best ways to get more flexible hips is to:


1. Stretch the glutes
2. Bring your stretching regime to the next level with PNF stretching,



The video below goes through the 5 following hip stretching exercises in detail so you can try them yourself, try new details and tips and then pass on to your dancer.


  • Advanced hip flexor stretch
  • Figure 4 stretch
  • Half Pigeon
  • PNF hamstring stretch
  • PNF butterfly stretch


If your dancers want better extension, stronger kicks and of course, their splits – this video is a much watch.


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flexible hips for dancers


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